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The office address of Handan Yinai metal products Co., Ltd. is located in Handan, the capital of Zhao state in the Warring States period, No. 1208, Zhaoxian building, No. 98, Renmin Road, Congtai District, Handan City, Hebei Province. The company has 30 years of production and sales experience in China, and established an export company in March this year Our company is mainly engaged in coke, bags, standard parts, rubber products, needle textiles, electronic products, chemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals), plastic products, sporting goods, auto parts, daily groceries, household appliances and electric appliances Sales of wire and cable, kitchen equipment, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, metal materials (excluding rare and precious metals), stainless steel materials and aluminum alloy materials; recycling and wholesale of waste metals (limited to branch operation); import and export of goods or technologies; conference and exhibition services; road transportation of ordinary goods * * (projects subject to approval according to law can be carried out only after approval by relevant departments) We have good products and professional sales and technical team, our company belongs to Handan coke company industry, if you are interested in our company's product services, look forward to your online message or telephone consultation。